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EDITORIAL: Time for Our One Week Break!

Raritan Yacht Club. *Photo by Paul W. Wang

Don’t panic, we’ll be back July 11, 2012 —

The Amboy Guardian publishes 50 weeks out of the year and we take one week off around the July 4th holiday and the week between Christmas and New Years. We always make notations on various pages to let people know a week ahead of time that the paper will not come out, but we always get phone calls: “What happened to the Amboy Guardian – I didn’t see it come out this week!”

Carolyn: Hopefully by writing this editorial there will be a reminder not to look for us for the week of July 4. Although we let people know a week in advance that the paper will not be published that week I always get calls from people asking what happened to the paper that week. The paper will not be published next week but we will be working on some items because of the Independence activities going on.

My team hopes to get at least get three consecutive days off that week (keeping our fingers crossed!) My vacation will be consisting of not having to set my alarm clock at 6 a.m. on Tuesday (July 3, 2012) to be ready to receive a phone call from the printer newspaper delivery driver to pick up the papers to be distributed. The one thing that I do know is on July 3, 2012 around 9 p.m. I will be joining the expected huge crowd who will be enjoying the fireworks display put on by the Amboy’s.

I hope to have a traditional Independence Day Dinner which to me would be hot dogs, hamburgers, barbecued chicken, ribs, potato salad and to top that off ice cream. I will also be reminiscing about watching the past fireworks with my family.

Make sure to remember those who fought so we could enjoy this day. On July 4th, I will be at the Perth Amboy City Hall Circle for the reading of the Declaration of Independence and the ringing of the bell.

Katherine: I hope to relax for a few days, I for one am happy to have a few days off. It gives me time to catch up on all the little things that need to be done. I am looking forward to the fireworks which is long overdue to return to Perth Amboy. Kudos to everyone involved in bringing them back.

Paul: I hope to get to correct my problems on my computer. I am going to take photos for the Guardian on July 3rd. I for one enjoy watching horror movies on my day off.

C.M., K.M. & P.W.

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