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COMMUNITY VOICE: Boy Scouts Ban on Gays

“On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my Country and to obey the Scout law. To help other people at all times; I promise to keep myself physically clean, mentally awake and morally straight.”

The Scout Oath presented above precludes amoral activity. Homosexuality flies in the face of all that the Boy Scouts have represented from their beginning. I was a Boy Scout from 1942 through 1947. I served as an Assistant Scout Master, Cub Pack leader and worked with youth to lead them in the right direction. During all those years homosexual activity did not present itself. I believe it was no one would dare approach scouts because of their position on morality.

Today, State Senator Raymond Lesniak has the audacity to stand for admission of openly gay boys into Scouting. He in fact has refused to accept an honorary award from the Patriots Path Council because of the Boy Scouts’ position on homosexuality. Elected representatives have a duty to represent their complete electorate. Openly confronting the leadership of nay organization which stands up for America and support its constitution is mind boggling.

America’s President has taken the position of support for same sex marriage. He is not alone in his belief but as America’s leader this should be off limits. The Bible states “Marriage is a union between one man and one woman.” It takes a huge ego to believe that one preference should prevail over biblical positions and historic traditions.

Scouting is strong enough to withstand any challenge to its historic leadership. Undermining one of the strongest youth organizations in the world should not be tolerated. Allowing openly gay boys into scouting would be tantamount to putting “sharks in a guppy tank.” Most boys are unprepared for their own transition into manhood without being exposed to direct contact with the homosexual community.

All Boy Scouts, past, present and future should stand together for the traditions of scouting.


Robert A. Brown

One Response to “COMMUNITY VOICE: Boy Scouts Ban on Gays”

  1. Susan Hoagland says:

    Due to an illness in the family, my response to this “Letter to the Editor” has been delayed. However, I very much wish to comment on it, as I am as enraged about it now as I was when I first had the misfortune of reading it.

    I was shocked, first of all, that the Guardian chose to print an openly hateful and bigoted letter. Though I unequivocally understand your responsibility to our right to “Free Speech” there is a far bigger responsibility to not give HATRED and BIGOTRY a platform on which to spread it’s CANCER. Having an opinion is one thing: I doubt an “opinion” letter from the Ku Klux Klan would get printed in this paper: Tripe like this spreads JUST as much venomous hatred. You would NEVER stand for an inflammatory, racially bigoted letter to be printed, so why would you stand for one that clearly spews hatred for people with a sexual orientation different that the author? Substitute ANY skin color or religion for the word “GAY” in this letter, and: WOULD YOU BE PRINTING IT? I am so disappointed to see this piece of garbage appear in a periodical I believe to be of the UTMOST INTEGRITY.

    “Allowing openly gay boys into scouting would be tantamount to putting ‘sharks in a guppy tank.’Most boys are unprepared for their own transition into manhood without being exposed to direct contact with the homosexual community.”

    Any “man” that would attack ANY CHILD, IS NO MAN AT ALL. Sharks in a GUPPY TANK? INNOCENT CHILDREN! He is TALKING ABOUT INNOCENT CHILDREN as though they are vicious predators!!! “…Direct contact with the Homosexual community?” As if someone’s sexual preference is a disease that might “rub off or spread like a disease on to what HE deems ‘normal’ boys?” I am FIGHTING back the urge to VOMIT. HOPEFULLY, children in THIS century are being taught by their parents about LOVE AND TOLERANCE FOR OUR FELLOW HUMANS, and those that aren’t are free to join like minded groups such as the “Westboro Baptist Church.”

    Clearly, The Boy Scouts feel they can do whatever the hell they want as a “Private Club.” I guess the question is: If they are using GOVERNMENT FACILITIES and TAKING GOVERNMENT MONEY, does the Government itself then “condone” this discriminatory behavior by contributing goods and services to them? Sadly: the very laws created for our benefit often work against us: The blatantly hateful and biased Westboro Baptist Church legally retains a 501c3 tax exempt status, despite their well publicized attacks and protests against gays and others, even at MILITARY funerals.

    It sickens me that the “author” of this letter signs it “Respectfully,” as he just gave the “middle finger” to, and TOTALLY DISRESPECTED an entire sector of the world’s citizens, who don’t happen to fit into his “Perfect World” (for other examples of those who would rob others of their right to exist because they are “different” Google “Hitler.”) I know such narrow minds and bigots exist in the world, I just NEVER expected them to be given a voice in the Amboy Guardian. Carolyn, Katherine, Paul…and Dear Bill, watching over us: You KNOW I love you. And it is BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, that I give you the only gift that is truly mine to give: The TRUTH, as I see it, from my heart.


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