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EDITORIAL: Thinking Out Loud

My Suggestions to Candidates

Since I don’t drive, I walk the streets of Perth Amboy a lot which causes me to make a lot of observations. One thing that always sticks out and that I have mentioned in previous editorials are the conditions of the City streets. At the risk of repeating myself, If I were Mayor I would not build anymore residential structures. Anything that is in place right now regarding residential buildings that is signed, sealed and delivered I would have no control over. I would not allow any developer to build any new properties unless they took on the cost of repairing the streets and sewer mains that they wanted to build on. I personally at this time am not in favor of mixed use buildings.

I went through Harbortown recently and when I saw those new structures going up it was rather disturbing. Harbortown is a little city unto itself and I see no recreation for the residents living there. I think that was part of the original plans, for there to be a recreation facility, a playground and if I’m not mistaken some stores for shopping. None of this ever came to be.

There are enough abandoned buildings in Perth Amboy that should be rehabilitated before new structures are built on empty lots. I rather see those empty lots become mini-parks or a recreation center for residents in those neighborhoods. My suggestion for those mini-parks would be to build a recreational center where residents can go for different activities that would be a part of those centers.

On the corner of East and New Brunswick Avenues there is an empty lot. For those of us who remember, there used to be a mixed use building consisting of a laundromat on the ground level and apartments on top. That building was destroyed when a car hit it and caused a gas explosion. Fortunately, the building and surrounding area were evacuated so there were no serious injuries. That lot could be converted into a mini-park for those residents living in that area. Some would ask, “Who would be responsible for maintaining those parks?” Well, that all depends on what recreational activities would be in the park.

I notice that a lot of kids use the Jefferson Street Parking lot to go skateboarding although there are signs posted, “No skateboarding or roller-skating allowed.” This park would suit that need. In the Avenel Skateboard Park they even have competitive contests based on age groups. The candidates need to think outside the box. There are a lot of possibilities for this town besides crowding people into small tight spaces.

I would continue to seek out more corporations that will get able to employ our residents who are out of work.

I don’t care what the numbers said of the recent Census, Perth Amboy is way over the 50,000 plus mark in residents.

We also like to talk to our advertisers and there is one particular one who said that Amboy would be a prime target for a minor league baseball team. Hey, the Buffalo Bison’s are leaving Buffalo. Who knows?

As far as the Celotex property is concerned, I still would like to see a dig there because something tells me that there might be important historic artifacts buried there. The property is large enough to build a High School.

In conclusion as I walk the streets, I see them rapidly deteriorating, and I just don’t want to see them collapse.


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