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The economy, why it’s time to get up and vote,  I’m looking forward to it actually when I can.

One word a lot of us fail to understand is the word economy, therefore it’s really hard to try to figure out how it got so difficult. In fact, you can go and consult a dictionary and look it up, but you still wouldn’t get the full picture. This is why I wrote this because I believe we all should know how our economy got so messed up in the first place. Likewise, if we understand it better, we have a better chance we have to change it.

To begin with, the economy isn’t as simple us you think. If you ask a good teacher what it is, explaining would just take so much class time. The best way to think about the economy is it as a large delicate scale, and every single thing we do tips the scale to a certain direction, however there isn’t always something that balances it out. The economy is like a cycle, everyone plays a part in it. Those who pay taxes contribute to society, those who don’t take advantage of those who pay taxes without paying their fair share. It’s the people who take advantage of the system, people who sell a hundred dollars worth of food stamps for sixty dollars to get beer or drugs, yet that’s not even the worse part of it. The taxpayers are paying for irresponsible people, with our tax money. There are people however who really need it And if we’re not careful, these people who take advantage who are not willing to work will one day cause the government to stop these nice things. Now a days it seems every single good thing the government does ends backfiring. Likewise, this is just one of the many reasons the economy got messed up.

Moreover, if everyone did what they had to do, maybe the economy would be better. There are these people called enablers who are well enough to work, but don’t. These people just do whatever without ever realizing the truth. People who work and pay taxes all their lives have done their part in the system. But then we have people doing nothing in their lives living in basements, attics and illegal apartments, some people even with drugs, collecting welfare, food stamps, etc. On hard working tax payer money.

So take this little piece of wisdom from me, DO WHAT YOU GOT TO DO, GET OUT AND VOTE! Those who are just too lazy to work, shame on you I know it’s hard to find a job, but we all can’t use this as an excuse, we have to take what we can find at the time. Something else to remember when picking a candidate to vote for it’s like watching TV commercials all year long to get the perfect toy, and when you finally get it on Christmas, it only does half the things the ad promised you, (Sound familiar?). You wanted it, deal with it. One person in four years can’t change everything and make everyone happy.

Furthermore, and the really hard part of it is, every single change effects something else. You can’t give without taking away. Here is a good cause and effect for you. Say the school has carrots, and the kids don’t like carrots. We are therefore wasting money, however we still need something healthy as a side dish, so what about apples, a lot of people eat apples. So then the school switches to apples instead of carrots, but what about the farmer growing the carrots? He has all these carrots and needs someone to bail him out, saying he is given the money (Oh, and which is our tax money by the way,). And the farmer growing the apples says, “Okay, there is a huge demand for apples, I’ll go plant a little bit more.” So he does. However say the school sees that the carrots are cheaper, (Because the carrot farmer is having a financial crisis). So the school says, “Look! Carrots are cheaper then apples, oh and we can have the money saved to go to buy pencils,” (Also it won’t matter any way because the students’ probably already lost interest) Then we switch back to carrots and the carrot farmer says, “Yippee! It’s a miracle! Yay!” However the apple farmer has a bunch of apples and has to raise the prices, resulting in loss of customers. He might also ask for a bailout.

In the way our economy works, someone always ends up losing, and someone is always there to pay the price. Please remember the apples and carrots are bigger in the real world, and your retirement depends on it, do your part, your future depends on it.

In conclusion. It all comes down to greed. You can look at the major issues in our economy, and you would see what it all comes down to, greed. It’s like when you do math at school in math class there are sometimes different ways to solve an equation, but it all comes down to the same answer, right? You know a smart man named John F. Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” See, if we all followed this quote, everyone would be taken care of, including yourself, I hope you learned a little about the politics of our nation. Please remember this and do the right thing. Thanks for reading my essay!

Born to be a politician,

Natalia Dunyak Age 12

One Response to “COMMUNITY VOICE: The Economy”

  1. Thomas M. Bedle says:

    Excellent! How refreshing to view the politics of our nation thru the eyes of an obviously very intouch preteen. Natalia has already grasped what so many people many times her age can’t. Her values reflect an homelife of core pincipals that should be a standard for all American families. Keep your vision Natalia and there is hope for the American dream ! YOU HAVE MY VOTE !


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