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EDITORIAL: There are SIX (6) Mayoral Candidates Running

 (Possibly SEVEN  (7) pending a Court Decision.) Let’s Not Lose Sight of That

Call me crazy but at this point I would not be surprised if any one of the candidates won this election. They all have the attitude of, “I’m in this to win it.” At this point I’m not counting anybody out. The best advice I can give all the candidates is to stay focused on the local issues.

Everyone is aware about the discourse between two specific candidates. I am hoping that after this week that these personal attacks can decease. This cannot help the City of Perth Amboy. (This sentence was attributed to a wise Amboy citizen.)

When candidates hire political consultants, they should always know what information that their consultants are dispersing. Just remember that when you hire a consultant any information that they put out may come back to hit you (the candidate) in the derriere.

At least one candidate’s representative contacted me to see if I was going to sponsor a debate. I have been in contact with several organizations that have approached me about this matter. I know that the NAACP is sponsoring a debate at Perth Amboy High School on Thursday, October 18, 2012. They will be joined by a daily paper, The League of Women Voters, WCTC Radio Station, and a Rutgers University College Professor. I will be getting back to the people who I have been talking to see what they want to do.

At least two Mayoral debates should be done. This Perth Amboy election is so hot that I think that two debates will be needed to address the concerns of the citizens.

As Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver said, “It is a tough time to be a Mayor anywhere in the state.”

I am pleading with all the candidates to just keep your eye on the issues and don’t go into personal attack territories anymore.

Get out there, walk the pavement, talk to the people on the street. Go into every neighborhood that you can. You may not like what you hear, but at least you are hearing from the residents face to face – and that is the most important thing! Plus it’s a good way to lose a few pounds and get yourself into fighting shape.

I know that fundraisng events necessary, too.

I remember in 2010 when Joel Pabon ran for City Council. A lot of people wrote him off and said, “No way would he get elected!” Guess what? Pabon not only got elected as everyone knows, but he was the top vote getter.

The candidates that people thought were shoe-ins had to sweat it out waiting for the provisional and absentee ballots to be counted.

Yankee baseball legend Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over ‘til its over!” (Thanks Katherine)

I remember in 2010 Joel Pabon pounding the pavement in the Spa Spring Section with Leslie Dominguez who was also a candidate. Joel and Leslie were talking to a homeowner who felt very at ease talking with them about major issues in his neighborhood. This resident pulled no punches. Diaz pounded the pavement in 2008 as well.

Sometimes what looks so right can turn out to be so wrong. To bring this to an end. I am going to throw in my two cents about the press conference that was held last week. In 2008, something turned out right but in 2012 in went wrong. Diaz had Devine as a consultant. That relationship was severed. That should have been the end of it. The relationship is now Delgado and Devine. A can of worms were unnecessarily opened up. The past is the past. Let it go. To the person who opened up that can, I hope they learned their lesson.


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