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Sayreville Police Swear in Two New Officers

Press Release

SAYREVILLE — On 9/24/2012 Sayreville swore in two new officers. They are Matthew Atlak and Walter Arway, whom both previously served as police officers in Old Bridge, which laid off 10 officers earlier this year due to budget issues.

“Unfortunately, there were economic issues [in Old Bridge] that meant these officers could no longer stay in Old Bridge,” Police Chief John Zebrowski said. “Their chief was very adamant about how great they were and about how reluctant he was to lose them, but it becomes our good fortune.” Zebrowski said that hiring police officers with some experience is advantageous for Sayreville.

“They had been police officers for almost six years before they came to us,” Zebrowski said. “Today, you’re seeing officers with experience, hard work and effort already in place.”

Zebrowski also praised the officers for their enthusiasm and eagerness to get to work. “They came to us open-eyed…ready to go, prepared, and ready to do the job,” Zebrowski said. “You’re seeing two officers who did not come from the ranks of the academy, but coming from the ranks of those who were doing the job for a long time.” The two officers take the place of officers who retired in 2011. The police force has 87 officers, down from 93 a few years ago, he said.

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