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By Eddy Gonzalez —

PERTH AMBOY — Happy fishing to all! Wow what a week. We at the shop saw all kinds of fish this week. Even one I can’t remember the last time I saw one in these waters. I’m talking about the blowfish. They seem to be everywhere also an easy catch with a small hook and sandworms as well as kingfish. Spot and porgy are caught in a similar way just the hooks have a little longer shank.

Matt shows a nice weakfish. *Photo submitted

Quite a few nice size fluke been caught by the old salts on the fresh peanuts off the piers cocktail blues and spots have dominated the action followed by weakfish being 1 per at 13’’ and blacks at 1 per at 15’’ porgy at 9’’ the action off the piers has been spot at best with a few here and there. The best thing about saltwater fishing is that everything could change in a blink of an eye from feast to famine or the opposite. A perfect example: 930 lb tuna caught in local waters, whales, sharks, seals, dolphin all in the bay. Amazing so you never know what you can catch or what you’ll see. Out by the 20 can porgys and sea bass are being caught worms and squid are on the main menu.

Now attention! Attention! All fishermen and women! It’s getting close! can you feel it? Fall is around the corner. Big boys are getting ready to make their way back threw the question is are you ready? Start now getting your equipment ready for action. I’m getting ready starting mid October straight threw end of December the bass will be in strong this is when it’s time to go to work this is when you earn your stripes beaches are not congested. Jet skiers are back in school most non fishing boaters have taken their boats out. I get chills’ making room for the hardcore.

November 5 through the 20th is our 9th annual ONLY FOR THE HARDCORE tournament 1 fish 1 winner 1 prize cash!!!!!!! Largest fish takes it. Simple, just come down to the shop and register a mire $10. The more people register the larger the prize so tell a friend a few hundred extra bucks for the holidays wouldn’t hurt. Fall merchandise coming in weekly big discount on orders of items not in stock and special orders for more info call the shop (732) 486-4396 Fall bait list updated 9/28/12 too. In addition eels, fresh clams and mackerel. New website with online discount store is in the works and a few extras more info posted as it nears completion.

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