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Mission Statements: Perth Amboy Mayoral Candidate Miguel Morales

Miguel Morales

If you’re concerned about corruption and the right person to vote for during this election, then I am your choice. I am not your “typical politician”. In fact, I am NOT a politician. I am the normal, average, hardworking family man who truly has a vested interest in the city where I was born and raised. I am the right choice because I am a man with integrity, high morals and values, great leadership skills and common sense. I have strong decision-making and interpersonal skills. This city is in need of a strong leader who will take responsibility and take control.

Certain individuals have criticized me regarding my lack of education and experience. Although I did not go to college, it does not mean that I am unqualified to make the right decisions in moving this city forward. I do strongly believe that everyone should achieve higher education; however I just wanted to point out that there have been many successful individuals who did not attend college such as Bill Gates, John D. Rockefeller, and our former President Andrew Jackson to say the least. If education and experience is a big factor in being a good candidate to run for the office of mayor, then why is the age qualification at 18 years old? What education and experience would an 18 year old have? Then raise the age requirement to 30!

My life experience is my education. Being the principle owner of my construction company for 6 years has allowed me to learn about zoning and code enforcement laws. As a Real Estate Agent for 13 years, I have insight to property values, taxes, mortgages, financing, and real estate laws. I have also assisted in public safety because I served as an Auxiliary police for several years. In addition, I am an employee of the City of Perth Amboy for the past 10 years where I worked in several departments such as Sanitation, Buildings & Grounds, Electrical, Parks, and Police Traffic Maintenance. Lastly, as the union chief shop steward for 2 years this experience has taught me to be the representative of the people and to fight for their rights. Having been a city employee for so many years has given me an in-depth knowledge to the problems this city is facing and what it’s lacking. So vote for the right choice. Vote for Miguel Morales – Line 1K on Nov. 6th for I have the TRUE passion and SINCERE intentions for this great city.


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