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Community Voice: Unbalanced Reporting

I attended the Perth Amboy Mayoral debate last week that was held at Perth Amboy high school and was glad that I was able to hear each of the candidates respond and share their views on many of the issues that were presented and discussed during the debate.

The reason for my letter is to express my opinion that your front page account of the debate was very poorly written and provided those reading it with glaring omissions that seemed to be purposely distorted about what was expressed by mayoral candidate Robert McCoy. The report was shameful and should have been more honest to reflect what was actually said by each candidate. It was most apparent to me, and I am sure to most others who attended, that mayoral candidate Robert McCoy was actually the most effective and knowledgeable and informative among all the candidates who participated. Fortunately, the community will be able to view the debate on channel 34 and actually hear and see for themselves how each of the candidates performed during the debate.

The reporter who wrote your newspaper account might also benefit from watching the debate again as it could be a good teaching moment and learning experience.

Stacy Montgomery


Editors Response: On Page 2 of this issue, two corrections were made in regards to the 10/18/12 Mayoral Debate. The first correction was made to correctly attribute as statement made by Miguel Morales. The second was to clarify a statement by Sharon Hubberman.

In a two hour debate some of the candidates had very short responses, while others were close to the allotted time limit. The reporter attempted to report the responses that got the most reaction from the audience.


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