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Reflections by Tracy Jordan Landings Complex

PERTH AMBOY – Tracy Jordan was one of the residents who was evacuated from the Bayview Building in Landings due to Sandy. Both the Bayview and Admiral Building’s garage flooded almost halfway up to the windows in the cars. 38 vehicles were lost between both garages. The residents of Bayview phone blitzed the Office of Emergency Management for a meeting between Landings Bayveiw Condo Board of Directors and the Mayor and her team.

Bayview residents were allowed back into their residents at 9 p.m. on Monday 11/5/12.

The Condo Association saw to it that 42 gas meters were replaced, a sewage pump, various electrical control panels. A gasline break was repaired underneath the sidewalk of Center Street. The two garages were pumped with out of water by two different vendors hired by the residents.

Jordan commends President of the Landings Bayview Condo Association President Salvatore Tumino and the other Board Members. They did a phenomenal job managing a lot of repairs in a very short time.

The Fire Suppression System is still out. The Bayview Residents are now paying for their own private fire patrol company which are patrolling 24 hours a day.

The railings were ripped off of the seawall. There are lot of dead trees and pieces of timber, pilings strewn all about. This is considered common area. The developer will be responsible for that area – not the residents.

The Condo Association does have insurance. They plan to file a claim and also approach FEMA.

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