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Well, there you have it. Four more years of Mayor Wilda Diaz and her two yes people for City Council: Lisa Nanton (if she makes it) and Fernando Irazarry. How nice. Now let’s hope that these so-called politicians will keep their promise to concerned voters of Perth Amboy – not Camden, NJ.

It kind of seems like that. And those city employees better be ready for some changes in the work place. Also, we know that the City Council meeting will be the same – Hot Air, Inc. Now, I come to Supertstorm Sandy. Or was it a hurricane? – you guess. This storm caused lots of damages around town. The Waterfront was hit hard and the homes and businesses on Front Street suffered major loss. Even the marina got hit – the price tag – I hate to see it. But we know our Mayor will do what it takes to help those in need and what about FEMA? What’s their role in helping Perth Amboy? We want to know.

I have noticed something about this storm. It shows us that we are no match to fight it. Also it got the concerned citizens together to help our community. Well, Mayor Wilda Diaz, here’s your biggest test. How to put a community together and we are here to help you if you ask.

Orlando “Wildman” Perez

Perth Amboy

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