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Resident Tom Kross Questions Property in South Amboy

B.A. Camille Tooker

By Joseph L. Kuchie—

SOUTH AMBOY — A vacated and un-kept property in South Amboy was questioned by resident Tom Kross at last week’s South Amboy council meeting.

The home, located on the corner of Raritan Street and Ridgeway Avenue, has branches blocking the sidewalks and a telephone pole laying across the front lawn. Kross said that he has relatives that live next to the property and he has been trying to keep up with it on his own.

“The property has been in disrepair numerous times. I have myself probably taken care of the property more because I have relatives that live next to the house,“ Kross said. “My daughters want to walk on the sidewalks but they can’t because of tree limbs and garbage. I’m trying to do my civic duty to take care of the property.”

Kross explained that he has contacted code enforcement numerous times over the past three years and has brought up the property to the council at past meetings, but nothing has been done to address the issue. He also said that the tree he had been questioning the city about caused extra damage during Hurricane Sandy.

“Prior to Hurricane Sandy I told code enforcement that there was a line of sight issue between a blinking red light, stop sign, bus stop, and pedestrian sidewalks but nothing was done,” Kross said. “After the hurricane the tree in question blocking the line of sight knocked over a telephone pole. The branches were placed on the property of the abandoned house and the telephone pole is laying directly across the front lawn. I’m not asking questions I’m just stating facts.”

Kross said that he has spoken with councilman Mickey Gross and Public Works Superintendent Gerald Magee about this issue and was promised that it would be taken care of. However, the property remains as is.

Before the meeting Mayor Henry honored firefighter Lois Larkin with a proclamation for her service to the city. Larkin, the first woman firefighter in the history of South Amboy, has been with the Independence Engine and Hose Company for 25 years.

“I would like to congratulate Lois Larkin for her 25 years with the Fire Department,” Henry said. “It’s a great accomplishment and I hope we can get more women involved and continue to see these things going on in South Amboy. We have a great fire department and I want to thank all it’s members for what they do.”

Business Administrator Camille Tooker also returned for her first meeting in months with warm welcome from the council. All members were very happy that she was back with them and all agreed that she was sorely missed.

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