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Automated Trash Collection on the Way: Notifications will be Sent to Those Residents Affected

Frank Dann, Director Dept. of Public Works

PERTH AMBOY — Dept. of Public Works Director, Frank Dann and Supervisor Hector Polidura appeared at the 2/11/13 Council Caucus Meeting to give an update on the automated trash collection.

They made it clear that the whole town will not have the new trash collection.

Dann said, “At the end of February we expect the delivery of the new truck. Residents will be getting the new automated trash pickup will each be assigned one green can for recyclables and one blue can for garbage. Each can will be assigned to a specific address. Some residents that are used to getting their garbage picked up in alleys in areas getting this system may have to move their garbage cans to the front because the alleys may be too narrow. There are some neighborhoods that will not be able to get the new automated systems (such as elevation problems).”

Sunshine Alley was referenced. Supervisor Hector Polidura said, “Some time ago there was a petition where residents of Sunshine Alley didn’t want that area changed because of its historic value.”

Dann also said, “It will take about a year to straighten out the system. After talking to Woodbridge Township who has an automatic trash pickup in place. Woodbridge Township also allowed our drivers to go with them while they were making their routes in Woodbridge so that our drivers can get a feel on how to operate the new trucks.”

Dann continued “Residents that have large families can have a one time rental fee of $60 for an additional can. The cans have a 350 lb weight limit.”

Dann said, “There is a possibility of doing automated can pickups in the business district. He is asking the Council to consider that in the future.”

He also suggested that residents can drop off bulk items at the Public Works between the hours of 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday thru Friday for free. “They have to show proof of residency. If appointments are needed for a home pickup a fee will be charged. There will not be a limit on items picked up.”

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