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COMMUNITY VOICE: Gun Laws in Other Countries

In response t the letter of Joseph A. Lypowy of 2/23/2013. I am not a member of any “leftist band which immediately wants to immediately ban guns to individuals.” I am just an average American who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam as a civilian crew member of Civil Reserve Air Fleet with Air Lift International ferrying troops from the U.S. and Vietnam. One of our aircraft was among the last to leave Saigon just barely escaping the Communist forces taking over. I was trained in the use of firearms. I was issued a .45 caliber pistol called a “hawg laig” by my buddies. However what good would it do me on a combat mission at 30,000 feet? I was happy I did not have to use it while on the ground.

The Second Amendment, which by the way was first ratified in Perth Amboy in 1789 states, “a well regulated Militia,” and does not include individuals. Just about every human activity is regulated, for the safety and security of society. Oliver Wendell Holmes, renowned Supreme Court Justice stated that free speech does not give one the right to shout, “Fire!” in a crowded theatre. The same goes for firearms!

Another factor to be considered is the role of females. I wonder how many are included in the roster of the National Rifle Association. The fair sex has more common sense and keenness of survival than the more impetuous and violence prone male. And more courageous! Who starts the wars of the wars of the world if not the males. And who is more likely to possess firearms? Methinks possessing guns is a poor bolstering of the male spirit. It ill defines the concept of a man. Or is it the reliance on firearms a sign of fading virility?

When I was England, Ireland and Japan, albeit a few years ago, I felt safe walking the streets of London, Limerick or Tokyo – or any other city in Europe or the Far East. Except for Angeles City in the Philippines, near Clark Field, where everyone seemed to be packing a rod, and there were shootings almost every night. Now ain’t that a hell of a name for the “City of Angels?” Firearms are forbidden in the above named countries. Even the Bobbies in London do not carry guns. Shooting s are reported almost daily in Newark, Camden, Chicago and other American cities. The only solution is for guns and firearms to be banned for everybody except police, law enforcement authorities and licensed individuals. Are these gun lovers going to volunteer for active duty in the Middle East or other hot spots where the targets shoot back?

Thank you for your courtesies,

Very truly yours,

Peter Book a.k.a./Pedro Libro

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