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Community Voice: Opposing Christie’s Policies

Dear Perth Amboy Residents,

Perth Amboy is a Democratic town and we are proud to be Democrats. We oppose Governor Christie’s attacks on working families, women, people of color, the working poor, unions, our environment, public education, and our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community. Last year, many of us as Democrats took a principle stand in a mayor’s race where we believed one of our own was doing too much to fulfill Christie’s agenda. We were proud of our decision not to endorse, as a committee, any local candidate since Perth Amboy Mayoral election falls under a non-partisan form of government.

But the simple fact is that it’s time to move on. Chris Christie won Middlesex County in 2009 and he won in some towns that currently make up the 19th Legislative District. Every second we spend fighting each other is a victory for Chris Christie, and it distracts us from our real goals in November.

Since the election, the Perth Amboy Democratic Committee has prioritized making Perth Amboy an even better place to live. We have been focused on ensuring the candidates for Middlesex County Freeholder understand the issues in Perth Amboy. In addition, we also focused on doing everything we can to ensure Barbara Buono is elected the next Governor of our great state.

A true leader would have brought people together. Mayor Diaz and her team have instead made personal attacks against the chair of the Perth Amboy Democratic Committee and Vice Chair of our county, Leslie Dominguez-Rodriguez. An attack on our Chair is an attack on us as well.

It is time to put last November behind us and start looking toward this November.

It is time for Mayor Diaz and her team to get to work making our city better instead of worrying about a political machine’s vendetta. And, it is time for a leader who descried the attacks on a female Latina elected leader, to stop the attacks on a competent and capable female Latina elected leader.

We, the undersigned, pledge our support for Leslie Dominguez-Rodriguez for another term as the Perth Amboy Democratic Committee Chair. We are ready to stop the infighting and get to work electing Barbara Buono our next Governor. We invite everyone in Perth Amboy to join us in a spirit of shared values, and to stop the attacks one of our own.


MC Perth Amboy Democratic Executive Board

Victor Collado, Vice Chair

Barbara Sottilaro, Secretary

Linda Lester, Treasurer

Martin Arroyo, Sgt. at Arms

Iris Rodriguez, Sgt. at Arms

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