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Editorial: Mark Vaughan — Another True Hero

Mark Vaughan *Courtesy of Oklahoman AP

Mark Vaughan
*Courtesy of Oklahoman AP

This is a case where thank God a good guy with a gun was able to stop a terroristic monster from inflicting further horror.

As we all know or as we all should know, there was a beheading of an innocent woman that took place in a warehouse in Oklahoma.

I can’t imagine the terror of having someone that you work with all of a sudden unexpectedly to start to attack you. But to actually do something as horrific as beheading goes way beyond the pale.

Colleen Hufford was the woman who was working at the front office of a warehouse who was viciously stabbed and beheaded by Alton Nolen who had recently been fired from that company.

When Nolen started to attack a second victim that is when our hero, Mark Vaughan came upon the scene. Vaughan happens to be an Oklahoma County Reserve Deputy and CEO of  Vaughan Foods Inc. Vaughan also had a rifle and shot the attacker – and guess what?

The attacker was stopped in his tracks, but he is still alive. The operative word is ALIVE. Unfortunately, we can’t say that about Hufford.

Mark Vaughan in Uniform

Mark Vaughan in Uniform

I’m not going to lie here. I have absolutely not ounce of sympathy for Nolen.

He had previously tried to convert some of his coworkers to Islam. I don’t know if he was upset because they refused to convert. And as you can see, Nolen did not use a firearm as his weapon of choice, but boy, look at what he did – and what he could have done if not stopped by a good guy with a firearm.

The point I am trying to make  (and no I am not a member of the NRA but I do have common sense) I would not have a problem with anyone in possession of a legal firearm while they are on the job.  As long as that person had all the legal paperwork and training that was needed. That’s all I would be concerned about.

I’m not going into the history of people that have been attacked or murdered by a perpetrator who did not use a firearm to commit an act of violence. You can Google or whatever you want to do in other countries where brutal murders have taken place without using a firearm. I know this is a very touchy subject.

I didn’t have to be in Oklahoma to see this happen for me to form an opinion about the responsible use of firearms. All I can say is thank God Mark Vaughan was there because I could not imagine what would have happened if he wasn’t there. Just remember, there are family, friends and coworkers that are grieving for Colleen. Remember Alton Nolen is still breathing, even after he was shot.  C.M.

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