Letter to the Editor: Keep Progress Going

Perth Amboy Citizens,

With Election Day (Nov.4th) fast approaching, the people of Perth Amboy find themselves with the unique opportunity of making things right for the City.

If anyone has been following the antics of the Board of Education, it should be obvious that a change in the majority of the Board must happen. The absolute ignorance of the Board majority as it cannot be tolerated. There are five members on this board that have an agenda that does not include Education, students or the City. The inability of these people to be unable to make a decision on a new High School is amazing. Everything seems to be a secret. They are looking for options that don’t exist. Using excuse after excuse indicates they have no clue and are dazed and confused. Time for a change.

That change can only happen if we get together and elect a team of Roman K5, Thor K6, and Iglesia K7. Elect these three people and the majority changes, and guess what, things will get done in a positive way. These three care about Education, the Students, and the City. To restore stability in our District elect, ROMAN K5, THOR K6, and IGLESIA K7.

Let’s take a look at the Council.

We have Fernando Gonzalez, who sat on the Council for four years and accomplished nothing. I can only assume that he and his running mates will have the same agenda, that is doing nothing. We don’t need do nothings on the Council.

We need professionals, we need dedicated individuals whose agenda is to better this City in every way possible. These people are Pabon J1, Petrick J2, and Diaz J3. The City has improved in many ways with Pabon and Petrick. They have added to their team Diaz.

Industry has located here, ratables are up, debt is down, and taxes are stable. There can be no mistake; Perth Amboy has greatly improved under this Administration and Council.

Let us continue on this positive path, choose PABON J1, PETRICK J2 and DIAZ J3.

Russell O’Reilly

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