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EDITORIAL: The Countersuit: A Case for Halloween

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Trying to kill a child’s joy – not on our watch. We remember as a kid having a Halloween Parades in grade school. We would dress up in different costumes and walk around the school. In high school, there were Halloween dances where everyone dressed up. At some events prizes were given out for different categories and age groups for the best costume. Even as an adult some of my work locations we would get dressed up for Halloween.

In one building which was occupied by a bank, even employees there dressed in costumes to celebrate the holiday.

Kid’s trick-or-treated when they came home from school and everybody had fun. They carved pumpkins and enjoyed their treats.

What happened? We’ll tell you.

For some reason, individuals will threaten lawsuit, and most of the seemed geared toward school systems. A lot of times  they will take this holiday and want it removed because it’s against their beliefs.

Unfortunately the school system will bow down to that one individual and kill the joy of the majority. Here’s a suggestion: countersue for twice the amount that they are asking if they don’t get their way. Whose rights are infringing on whom?

In grade school I remember we would plant seeds into little pots with dirt and see those seeds grow into a strong plant. Perhaps some of these administrators who bow down to these frivolous demands should plant a seed that will grow into a strong spine and replace their backbones with it.

Halloween 3Not only was Halloween celebrated in the school systems and businesses, but I remember going to Alameda Care Center where the staff would dress up in Halloween costumes along with some of the patients. Both patients and staff had a blast with good food, a live DJ and dancing. I could still see one patient who was wheelchair bound waving his hands up in the air in time with the music.

Think about Halloween. It’s such a joy to see the kids accompanied by their parents, older siblings or peers just having old fashioned fun together trick or treating. There’s no competition for presents or families feeling bad that they cannot afford to give any gifts to their children. Sometimes I think that these individuals that want to take the joy away are not doing it for their convictions, but they have witnessed other people who were successful at stopping traditions and they said, “Hey, let me try that, too.”

I bet most of these lawsuits are power trips and a few are based on beliefs. Here’s what gets under our skin. We said it before and we’ll say it again. When will those who are in power start protecting the rights and traditions of the people who have lived here and celebrated those traditions for many years?

Whose vote are you trying to get? Let’s face it, voter turnout is at an all time low. So the people you are trying to woo by bowing down to them are not getting the message. You may be kissing up to them, but they are reciprocating.

Let’s get rid of all the layers of dust off of the real issues. In the past when people immigrated to the United States, most of their goals were to become an American Citizen. They knew by following the rules and waiting patiently, it would pay off to become a U.S. Citizen.

imagesCAIK9IAE cmykNow, what’s the point? There was an instance in one city in another state, a known illegal alien was elected to the City Council. Now, you have organizations that will help you sue someone whose property that you illegally trespassed on. Yes, we know that America is based on giving those who come here freedom of speech freedom to worship. This includes freedom to celebrate their traditions as they choose – but not at the cost of taking away ours. Now, you get perks without being a citizen.

You also have to look in the mirror and blame yourselves. You need to have the hutzpah to tell those who are making these judgements calls that our rights are being infringed upon.  Why should we bow down to these individuals who want to take away the joy of the many, especially when it comes to our children.

There is so much misery and suffering in the world and if celebrating Halloween can bring all age groups together and put a smile on faces – is that something so bad?

Some say that Halloween is destructive because of some of the scary costumes. Although there are scary costumes, when I saw the kids walking up and down the streets, not one kid screamed in terror. If anything, they were fascinated. There was a wide variety of costumes such as superheroes, cartoon characters, princesses, firemen, police officers. The list goes on. Some of the costumes were even homemade and very inventive. It gives a chance for the kids and the adults to be creative.

Halloween 2Some believe that Halloween is steeped in paganism. I read one story while dressing in costumes and trick-or-treating was started and I’m going to stick with this one. On that day, it was traditional for the devil to go around to houses to try to get the occupants to come over to his side. The occupants in turn would dress up in scary outfits, so when the devil knocked on the door and saw them, he would assume they were already converts. Little did the devil know that the trick was actually on him.   If you want to find out more about Halloween there are lots of resources.

There are safety precautions that everyone should follow. If you do so, that day will be one of joy and satisfaction for all. One of my favorite songs is  Holiday by Madonna. It says it all. C.M. & K.M.

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