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There Really Isn’t Justice for All

LetterWith all of the controversy surrounding whether to stand or not to stand for the national anthem, why is it that one faces imprisonment and fines if one doesn’t stand for a judge? Aren’t they just glorified lawyers with political connections to oft times unsavory elected officials? They (judges) only work a few hours per day, receive a nice salary, obtain a lucrative pension and a myriad of perks to play God. They apportion unequal justice (?) based on racial, social and economic status or vendettas against former colleagues. Who holds them responsible when they make idiotic decisions based on whims or backroom deals? We come to realize that there really isn’t justice for all. Sad to say. For as long as lawyers make laws there will be a conflict of interest.


Michael J. Rusznak

The Problems with Hillary

The XXII Amendment limits a President from having more than two terms. It lacks an age limit as in the original Constitution, and does not ban the siblings, children, or wife of a President. I believe that Hillary’s candidacy is a way to subvert that law by allowing Bill to have a third term. Wasn’t George W. Bush’s terms a continuation of his father’s policies? Hillary said she would depend on Bill for advice and could appoint him to her Cabinet.

The book “Compromised” by Terry K. Reed tells about the gun running and drug smuggling operation that was based in Mena Arkansas. George H. W. Bush was in charge, Governor Bill Clinton also benefitted. When Bush faced re-election in 1992 he picked Bill Clinton as his opponent so he would not be investigated or prosecuted for breaking laws if he lost. You could also read “Jeb and the Bush Crime Family” by Roger Stone for additional stories. Kevin Phillips wrote “American Dynasty” about the Bush family.

The Bush-Clinton dynasties are an attack on democracy. Bush Sr. proposed then Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, then TPP; they shipped jobs abroad and impoverished Americans. George W. Bush abolished the Glass-Steagal Act and allowed Americans to be swindled by Collateral Mortgage Obligations. This was followed by the worst economic depression since the 1930s. Hillary made promises that she knows are lies. Watch her face as she speaks, can you trust her?

Trump will end the Bush-Clinton dynasty. Trump said he would replace Obamacare with National Health Care (like in Canada), raise the standard income tax deduction to a higher amount, abolish NAFTA and the TPP, all to make America great again. That is better than a candidate who either ignores or denies the economic problems of most Americans. If a Democratic President and a Republican Congress can’t solve the problems, then maybe a Republican President and a Democratic Congress can make things better.

Ronald A. Sobieraj

May GOD Help Those Americans!

I see someone named Mary Vargo wrote a letter about crooked Hillary in the Amboy Guardian in the Oct. 5, 2016 issue. Boy, she is so right about this! Those loyal Democratic voters will never believe this about crooked Hillary. Perth Amboy is a heavy democratic voting town, but some (not all) will vote for a crooked politician – even if it is a crooked republican. Ms. Vargo understands how some politicians will abuse their powers to get into the office of the Presidency. You have to understand the Clinton INC. and their master plan of corrupt ways of doing business in the political system. Hillary always wanted to be President since day one, and was planning her way into it. Many who got involved with the Clinton’s inner circle pay a price or somehow or vanish from earth. Some would say I’m I picking on Hillary. NO! I’m standing on someone’s side on this true concern of Hillary. Now, if you want to vote for Hillary, that’s your choice. Here’s the bottom line: if Hillary becomes President, America will roast in 24 hours and the people around the world will say “May GOD help those American’s!”

Orlando “Wildman” Perez

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