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AMBOY SPOT- LIGHT: Universal Training Institute (UTI)

One of the UTI Students (L) and Brenda Dudley (R) show one of the hospital simulation rooms that are used to train students. *Photos by Carolyn Maxwell

One of the UTI Students (L) and Brenda Dudley (R) show one of the hospital simulation rooms that are used to train students.
*Photos by Carolyn Maxwell

174 Jefferson St. (2nd Floor), Perth Amboy, NJ 732-826-0155

Don’t Delay! Next LPN Class Starts Monday, November 14, 2016

By: Carolyn Maxwell

PERTH AMBOY – The Amboy Guardian sat down with Brenda Dudley, Director of Admissions and Marketing at Universal Training Institute (UTI). We asked her about the opportunities that UTI offers its students to achieve a successful career in the healthcare field.

UTI’s mission statement as it appears on their website is to provide educational training opportunities for individuals to learn and develop necessary skills that will allow them to become valued members of the healthcare profession.

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Dudley has taught practical nursing in the Army Reserves. After being certified as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) she went on to become a Registered Nurse (RN) with a Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.). She became employed with UTI about a year ago through her association with Claudia Houston (Founder of Universal Training Institute). Dudley explained that Ms. Houston was a Nurse for many years, who felt a strong need to start a Nursing School. Houston was Dudley’s supervisor at St. Mary’s Hospital in Brooklyn, NY several years ago.

One of the computer rooms in which students utilize to learn at UTI

One of the computer rooms in which students utilize to learn at UTI

Ms. Dudley remembered how excited Ms. Houston was 10 years ago when she discovered a great location in the Historic City of Perth Amboy to start UTI.

Properties in other towns were looked at, but the building located on the second floor on the corner of Jefferson Street and Madison Avenue suited their needs. The second floor was completely empty, but as soon as Ms. Houston walked around that floor, she envisioned what each room could be utilized as (computer labs, skill labs, office space, classrooms, study rooms and a library). Houston knew exactly what was needed to make the school a success. “She was a determined individual and a visionary with a dream that came to fruition,” Dudley said of Houston.

Students working on an exam.

Students working on an exam.

Dudley continued with her own thoughts, “A true Nurse is a caregiver at heart with a compassion for healing and intervention. The way you interact with a patient is important in promoting the patient’s health and spirit. We teach our students to assess the patients and provide intervention to promote that patients heath and wellness. We give each student the needed attention to help and inspire them to succeed.”

UTI had their official grand opening in Perth Amboy on 6/15/07. The school is close to all major transportation and is located in the heart of the business district of Perth Amboy. There is a paid parking lot next to the building and the train station and all bus stops are at most two blocks away from the facility.

UTI is a fully accredited school. For a full list of accreditations go to Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

There are admission requirements to become enrolled as a student in UTI. One of the most important requirements is after paying an admission/testing fee, you have to pass a TEAS entrance examination. Reading, Math, English and Science skills are tested. One must be in fluent in the English language to be admitted. Check the website for other qualifications.

Ms. Dudley continued, “Our students know that they’re all stars here. We emphasize how important the education that they will receive here will benefit them. Students can feel free to talk to any of our faculty about their concerns or problems. We will make sure they are addressed. When we have our tours, perspective students are not rushed through. We take time to answer any questions that a potential student may have.”

“Enrolled students work on test questions that will prepare them for their exams. A library and study room are available that can be utilized during their breaks. If at any time a student feels they need help in any part of the program, tutoring services are available. The Dean of Students continuously reviews each student’s grades to see if they need to improve on any skills in order to move forward. Nearing the end of the required courses for the LPN Program, students are given the opportunity to interact with real patients such as those in nursing homes.”

Dudley continued, “The LPN Program consists of 13 classes that students must complete. There is a choice of a 12 month day program or a 16 month evening program. Students are taught by RNs. All of our RNs have degrees which consist of a  minimum of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (B.S.N.) Some of our RN’s have gone beyond that and have achieved a  Masters of Science (M.S.) and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) Degrees.”

“Some of the courses included in the LPN Program are: medical terminology, nutrition, pharmacology, etc. After successfully completing our LPN Program our graduates are required to take the NCLEX-PN (National Council of State Boards of Nursing) Review which is a requirement for them to pass the State License in order for them to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).”

“There are more and more men entering the field of nursing. It’s very common place to have male nurses, now. They are needed and they work quite efficiently in all settings.”

The starting salary of an LPN is anywhere between $42,910 – $58,020 a year as of 2013. The benefits are great, and most importantly you have job security. We realize that not everyone goes on to college, but after graduating from our LPN program, you have a stable and secure future. The sky is the limit. Graduating students can go into the technical research fields and can find employment in a physician’s office and clinics. Some students have gone on to work in nursing homes. We offer a four week (five days a week) home Health Aid Program. Our classroom’s hold anywhere from 20 to 35 students. The LPN classes are Monday thru Thursday.”

While I was interviewing Ms. Dudley, a graduate of UTI, Reina Mento happened to come by for a visit. Mento was grateful for the very informative instructors she had while she was enrolled in the LPN Program at UTI. “UTI was a great experience and it made me want to continue my education in the field of Nursing.”

Mento went on to say that she is now enrolled in the Bridge Program which leads an LPN into becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) with an Associates Degree in 15 months or less.

“There are openings available for the LPN Program which is starting Monday, November 14, 2016. Feel free to stop in during our regular hours and our receptionist can provide information on registration.”

“UTI is a place to give you the foundation that you will need to succeed in your career as a nurse. The course is tough, rewarding and life-changing.”

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