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EDITORIAL: The Sky is NOT Falling!

editorial2I know this is a very hard pill to swallow for a lot of Hillary Clinton supporters, but let’s put her loss in perspective. Many social media outlets have concentrated on how distraught her supporters were on her loss.

But, what is very puzzling to me is their obsessive, destructive and very unhealthy behavior towards President-Elect Donald Trump. And what is even more disturbing is how some of Clinton’s supporters are denigrating those who supported Trump. The man isn’t even in office, yet but you want to speculate on what he will do based on what he has said.

A lot of the Hillary Clinton supporters were old enough to vote for her in 2008 when she was supposed to be the Golden Girl and be a shoe-in for the Democratic Presidential Nomination.

Why were you not upset when the Democratic Committee decided to that an untested newbie Senator Barack Obama was the more popular choice for the Presidency?

This is my theory: It had to be decided what would be more historical: The first woman President or the first black President.

Barack Obama, his wife Michelle and their two daughters fit the bill perfectly. They had the star power/charisma/the look and the demeanor that could perfectly grace the covers of Time, Newsweek and People Magazines, etc. You couldn’t ask for more eloquent speakers than Barack and Michelle Obama. They were the picture perfect couple with two young beautiful and smart daughters.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people had expressed that they wish that Michelle would run for President. And who knows, maybe some day she will.

But getting back to Hillary Clinton, why did these women, especially those in the entertainment field and could vote for her in 2008 not cry out for her then? After all, Hillary had the best teacher in her husband, Bill, who was known to be able to work well with the Republican Party. Shouldn’t she have scored points for this?

Hillary got the consolation prize of being appointed Secretary of State. 2008 would have been the perfect opportunity for her supporters to help her break through the glass ceiling and you let her down big time. If you think about it, she could have easily gone under the slogan of hope and change. There would have been two historical changes. The first female President of the United States and the first time there would have been a husband and wife who were Presidents of the United States. What a wild number that would have been.

Perhaps it is your guilt that is coming through and Donald Trump has become your whipping boy.

Yes, we agree that Donald Trump had a potty mouth and other things he had said gets him into trouble.

People have a right to protest. They don’t have the right to destroy another person’s property, harm another person or block roadways. Those are unlawful acts and people are getting away with doing it and I don’t respect people who do so.

Isn’t it ironic that some of the protesters didn’t even vote or were not old enough to vote. What does derogatory name calling accomplish? There are a lot of hard-working people  who supported all four Presidential candidates. They are just trying very hard to support their families, pay their bills, (medical and basic necessities) while trying to keep a roof over their heads. They’re just like some of you. We all have to live with each other and it’s crazy to let political personalities be the bane of tearing apart families and friends. If friendships and families mean that much to you, political differences should never tear you apart.

The day after the election there were many people who went about their daily routine instead of protesting.

There are well-known figures in the entertainment, sports, political arena and other fields that have helped fuel these protests. I’m going to give kudos to two sports figures who supported Hillary, but showed the most dignity in her defeat. Lebron James of the NBA World Champions Cleveland Cavaliers: “More than anything, you have to respect the presidency. If you have different views, you’re allowed to have different views. That’s what’s amazing about this country. We’re not going to imprison people with different views. But if you want to stand up and you want to say, ‘Hey look, my views don’t coincide with this current administration,’ then you have opportunities, especially being leaders in your respective communities.”

Charles Barkley: “Somebody always loses an election. We’ve been fortunate that we’ve won the last couple with President Obama. We didn’t win this one. But like I said, I respect the office of the president of the United States, and we have to give him a chance. Everything he’s said in the past, that’s water under the bridge. We have to give him a chance, and we have to support him because he’s the president of the United States of America.”

As hard as it is for the Hillary supporters, and yes I did see the pain and anguish in your faces and I can sympathize, but read and absorb closely the comments made by Lebron James and Charles Barkley. They are healing and healthy words.

You woke up this morning, you are still alive and still breathing. Nothing happened to you overnight. The sun is still shining.

Unless you are protesting yourself, or blocked by protestors as you are on the way to your daily activities, nothing has changed, yet. That change will occur when Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the 45th President. Of course, when Barrack Obama was elected President, a lot of people were elated because he broke the glass ceiling because he was the first Black President. A lot of people voted for him (Black, White, etc. ) just they wanted to be a part of history. Yes, some proclaimed that Barack Obama is not my president, but I can’t remember any of those who voted against him protesting or rioting on the streets.

Regardless on how you felt, unless you moved out of the country and gave up your citizenship, Barack Obama was your president. This is will also be true of those who said that Trump is not their president.

On Saturday morning, when I was listening to the radio, a person called into a talk show and quoted Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair said, “You can measure the greatness of a country as to  how many people try to get into a country and not get out.”

So there were 23 individuals  in the entertainment field who vowed to leave the country if Donald Trump became president. One even threatened to move to Jupiter. I guess we’ll be seeing For Sale signs going up on their houses soon.

I very much like the music of our two Jersey Boys: Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi. Their songs reflect the plight of the blue collar working class across America. It’s ironic that it’s those citizens that pushed Donald Trump to the top.

Comfort Dogs, Comfort Rooms, wearing Safety Pins, Safe Spaces and Crying Rooms have been made available to those still mourning Hillary’s loss.

My advice: is that remember this sentence: “You are still breathing. Has your life changed drastically overnight? What has Donald Trump personally done to you at this very moment to cause you harm.? If you can answer those questions please e-mail your responses. As always, your opinions are welcome.

C.M. & K.M.


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