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Diaz Introduces City 2021 Strategic Planning Task Force

Press Release 11/16/16

PERTH AMBOY- Mayor Wilda Diaz announces the establishment of the Perth Amboy 2021: Strategic Planning Task Force.  The Taskforce will bring together community members and leaders from across the state to assist in formulating a strategic plan that will serve as a resource to City’s continued local progress for her administration’s next four years.

The mission of the taskforce is to draft an inclusive and expansive vision of growth and development for Perth Amboy.  The Taskforce will evaluate the City’s overall operations, department functions and services to the public, opportunities for job creation and targeted investment in our downtown business community.

“I am honored to have been trusted by the voters to lead this great city for another four year,” states Mayor Wilda Diaz.  “Perth Amboy has undergone a transformation since I took office eight years ago, from a city riddled with debt to a stable city budget and thriving with new investments.  Together with the citizens of this great city, I want to develop a strategic plan that will put the citizen’s well-being and our children future at the center of my next term in office.”

The Task Force will be made up of six committees where local citizens and professionals with expertise on each program area will come together to review program priorities.  A open public meeting will held thereafter to gain input and feedback from local residents to create the committee reports. The reports will be released early in the New Year and will serve as a guide to the current administration.

“This taskforce represents diverse perspectives, expertise, affiliations and experiences of professionals who are familiar and highly involved in our community and across the state,” said Mayor Wilda Diaz.  “Our goal is to continue to best serve our residents and with the guidance and recommendations of these members, we will develop a plan that will guide my administration’s work for the next four years.”

The following members have been appointed to serve on the executive and steering committee and future members will be added to the taskforce:


•Mo Butler, Managing Director, Mercury Public Affairs

•Patricia Campos-Medina, President LUPE PAC

•Sergio Diaz, Vice President, 1st  Constitution Bank

•Raymond M. Pocino, VP & Eastern Regional Manager, Labor’s International Union of North America

•Lou Stellato, Chairman, Bergen County Democratic Organization

Steering Committee

•Adam Cruz, Business Administrator, City of Perth Amboy

•Billy Delgado, Esq., Billy E. Delgado, LLC

•Julie Diaz, Political Director, 32BJ SEIU

•Bernadette Falcon Lopez, Pastor, God’s Army Ministries

•Gerry Gibbs, Founding Principal, Capital Impact Group

•Allen Jacobs, Engineer

•Michael Keller, Former Economic Development Director for the City of Perth Amboy

Executive Director

•Samantha Diaz, Business Development, 1st Constitution Bank

General Counsel

•Arlene Quiñones Perez, Esq., Partner, DeCotiis, FitzPatrick & Cole, LLP


•Noelia Colon, Public Information Officer, City of Perth Amboy

In addition, the following chairs and members will serve on each committee listed below:

Economic & Redevelopment Development

•Co-Chair Robert Medina, Medina 43 Business Strategies

•Co-Chair Robert Garrison, National LECET

•Ed Arlequin

•Iris Benzan-Diaz

•Antonio Cruz

•Jorge “Sam” Cruz

•Junel Hurrell Hutchinson

•Sam Delgado

•Luis De La Hoz

•Fausto Diaz

•Ralph Mendez

•Ana Maria Zevallos

•Ron Novak

•Ali Rada

•Barry Rosengarten


•Chair Donna Chiera, President- AFT

•Hector Bonilla

•Sharon Nagy Johnson

•Donna Stewart

•Noemi Velazquez

•Frank Argoyte-Frere

Historic Preservation and Tourism

•Chair Kathleen Depow, Curator of the Ferry Strip Museum

•Reinaldo Aviles

•Anna Daily

•Ana Maria Zevallos

•Idida Rodriguez

Public Safety

•Chair Thomas Hudanish, Retired Police Officer, City of Perth Amboy

•Daniel Gonzalez

•Gustavo Medina

•Eddie Padilla

•David Volk

•David Weiss

•Pastor Bernadette Falcon-Lopez

•Miguel Pellot

•Carlos Gonzalez

Recreation and Social Services

•Chair Junel Harrell Hutchinson, Executive Director, Alameda Center

•Sonia Delgado

•Yvonne Lopez

•Reyes Ortega

•Roberto Rios

•Pedro Federo

•Damaris Ramirez

Quality of Life

•Chair Lionel Giron, Member of the Civic Trust Committee

•Lazaro Cardenas

•Lisett Lebron

•Rosemary Oarsley

•Emilia Perez

•Leonardo Lopez

•Janice Clark

The composition of the task force reflects a community partnership that ensures inclusivity and agreement on a common vision and direction that will lead to a high level investment in the City of Perth Amboy. The strategic plan will span for a total of 4 years, from 2017-2021.

For additional information about the City of Perth Amboy, please visit:

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