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Entitled or Not?

Business Administrator
Adam Cruz

PERTH AMBOY –  Ordinance No. 5 – First Reading – An Ordinance to amend an Ordinance entitled Ordinance fixing and establishing a schedule of salaries and salary ranges and increments for officers and employees of the City of Perth Amboy. (Ordinance No. 218-79) as amended adopted July 3, 1979. Re: Management and Non-Union.

Councilman Irizarry asked about the Assistant Business Administration Title listed.

Councilman Fernando Gonzalez stated, “This is not an allowed position.”

DeCotiis Attorney Judy Verrone who was acting as Law Director stated, “This is a subordinate position. “

Councilman Gonzalez responded back, “Under Faulkner Plan B, it is not a position for a city of our size.”

Business Administrator Adam Cruz told the Council, “We are taking it off the agenda – Assistant B.A. and we will amend the Business Manager Position. Civil Service has eliminated some titles and made new ones.”

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