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Perth Amboy & South Amboy Kickoff Celebration for July 3rd Fireworks 

Sponsors of the Fireworks pose for a group photo
*Photos by Paul W. Wang

Barry Rosengarten Given Key to the City

By: Katherine Massopust

Mayors Fred Henry and Wilda Diaz

PERTH AMBOY/SOUTH AMBOY – On Tuesday, May 2, 2017 on the Cornucopia Cruise Line, Riverboat St. Charles the Cities of Perth Amboy and South Amboy started the kick-off campaign for the 2017 Fireworks Display to be held on July 3, 2017 (rain date 7/4/17). The fireworks are completely funded through the generosity of local businesses through the Celebrate Our Stars and Stripes Committee chaired by Barry Rosengarten.

WCTC (1450 AM) and WMGQ (Magic 98.3 FM) Radio Personality Bert Baron was the Master of Ceremonies at the event. He introduced South Amboy City Council President and Celebrate Our Stars and Stripes Co-Chair Mickey Gross.

Gross thanked Barry Rosengarten’s personal assistant, Yolanda Flores, “It’s real simple. Yolanda Flores makes this happen. She sent emails for 10 months asking if we would do the fireworks again. The answer was “Yes!” In this day and age we proved them wrong. We’re going to give a great fireworks show. We have two great Mayors. What a beautiful City Perth Amboy is. I consider it my second home. I want to thank the local businesses and Stacy Candy, the new B.A. of South Amboy. Every year, this event gets better and better. Bert, I thank you. I’d like to thank the EMTs, Fire Departments and First Aid. One thing is evident – two cities show us proud. I thank Barry Rosengarten. We’re standing here due to our Veterans and Armed Forces. Please take 10 seconds to say thank you to them.”

Honorary Co-Chairs Mayors Wilda Diaz and Fred Henry came up to speak next. Mayor Diaz said, “Thank you and welcome. I am honored to be the host city to chair such a special event. We are creating lasting memories of our cities. How happy the children are to see this event. We can’t do this without my coworkers. We are also acknowledging the generosity of our sponsors of whom I am forever grateful to make our dreams possible.”

Diaz continued, “Back in 2012, I spoke to Mayor Henry (about doing the fireworks). I’d like to thank Co-Chair (and City Council President) Bill Petrick. You guys are doing an amazing job. It’s not only about fireworks – it’s about the celebration of the history of our nation. If not for our men and women who defend our nation, we would not be here today. We are blessed to have a replica of the Liberty Bell in our City. We are proud to say: we are from Perth Amboy; we are from South Amboy. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you.”

Barry Rosengarten receives a proclamation signed by Congressman Frank Pallone

South Amboy Mayor Fred Henry came up to speak, “I want to thank everyone. A number of years ago we got this started. We have a great contingency here from South Amboy. B.A. Camille Tooker is retiring this month. She goes way beyond being just the B.A. Think about the July 4th history. It’s important that we do these things. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” For me, it’s a great honor to speak as Mayor of South Amboy. We want to keep reminding all the great things about this country. I would like to thank the sponsors.”

Barry Rosengarten is given the Key to the City by Mayor Diaz
*Photos by Paul W. Wang

August Santore of Garden State Fireworks offered a few words, “It’s a collaboration of business and government. There’s nothing like seeing the faces of our children. This year we are focusing on patriotic music.”

Mayors Diaz and Henry then presented Barry Rosengarten with a special Congressional Recognition which was signed on 5/2/17 by Congressman Frank Pallone. Rosengarten was overwhelmed with emotion, “I’m truly humbled. This is not about me, but about the great team we have. It’s an obligation and responsibility we all have.”

Bert Baron then read an very, very lengthy list of achievements that Barry Rosengarten accomplished over his lifetime and his dedication and service to the City of Perth Amboy.

Mayor Wilda Diaz then presented Rosengarten with the Key to the City. Diaz stated with pride, “Barry always said, If only I had the key to the City, I’d be in City Hall every day. Our Community is much richer because we have you in our City.”

Mayor Fred Henry then added, “It’s incredible what Barry has achieved in his lifetime, dedication, community service and achievements by advancing our beautiful Cities. I hope you have continuous health and happiness.”

Barry Rosengarten continued, “The team deserves a round of applause. This year marks the 4th successive Independence Day Fireworks Celebration. This year, there will be themes resounding the sounds of freedom. We’re proud Americans – all of us! It’s important for all of us to stand and thank our Veterans.”

“It is said that: “A Veteran is someone who, at one point in their life wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America,” for an amount up to and including their life.” – Unknown

Rosengarten then added, “I have two women in my life: Yolanda Flores, my personal assistant, and Roxana Troche who will be retiring this year. We all will miss you in a powerful way.”

Each sponsor was given a Celebrate Our Stars and Stripes Beach Towel.

Yolanda Flores, Roxana Troche, Bert Baron & Barry Rosengarten

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