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South Amboy Council Update

Updates on Ferry Progress; Pumping Station; Purchases Explained;  Council Comments; Public Portion 5/3/17 Business Meeting

SOUTH AMBOY – Business Item No. A – A Resolution for Potomac Hudson Environmental, Inc. – Change Order No. 2.

City Engineer Mark Rasimowicz explained, “This was necessary because of the removal of the artifacts found. So far, the cost of this project is $553,954.59”

Business Administrator Camille Tooker told the Council, “This money has already been approved.”

Rasimowicz continued, “The remediation has been completed. The artifacts found have been documented, and everything is backfilled. Monitoring will go on for two years. We are now in the design phase. Permits are being modified and the design is about a year away. Everything should be done by 2019.”

B.A. Camille Tooker stated,”There is a letter of intent from the New York Waterway for the ferry service.”

Business Item No. C. – Resolution for Emergency Pump Station Repairs at Raritan Street, South Pine Avenue, and Louisa Street.

Rasimowicz stated,”We are inspecting all pump stations. We have to make upgrades on all of our pumps. Venetian is having problems with their  pumping systems. It’s up to the Venetian Engineer to solve the problem that they’re having with their overflow.”

Business Administrator Camille Tooker explained the importance of certain equipment /items that would be needed to be purchased shortly. One of these purchases is for a Senior Bus. Another purchase for the City’s immediate needs is equipment for beach replenishment and cleanups.

Tooker explained where there was a recent demonstration of this piece of equipment. It was very effective in removing a great deal of sand and debris. The Council will be given a list of a breakdown of the equipment needed for all the various City Departments.

Councilman Tom Reilly said,  “On May 16th, there will be a Business Breakfast from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. taking place at the Art Museum. A film will be shown that will shed a very good light on the City.”

He spoke again in regards to the Business Breakfast Meeting, “Can there be a presentation of Shop South Amboy?”

Tooker replied, “I will look into it.”

He also suggested that there be a digital sign if possible outside City Hall advertising upcoming City Events.

Camille Tooker responded, “We looked into this about two years ago.”

Councilman MacLaughlin suggested, “We can look at the technology and our budget and see if perhaps, forming a Municipal Alliance.”

Council President Mickey Gross stated, “I know that the town of Edison has an alliance.”

Gross also addressed concerns from Councilman Brian MacLaughlin. MacLaughlin had questions about Department Heads and how they are licensed.

Gross stated,”Most Department Heads are licensed by entities outside of South Amboy such as the State and County Agencies. There are checks and balances as well as continued training that Department Heads take.”

When Mayor Henry spoke, he talked about the monthly meetings. “We’re looking at a second firehouse. We are in the process of setting up a committee.”

MacLaughlin asked Henry, “Are they are looking incorporate the First Aid?”

Mayor Henry responded, “We’re looking at it, but it will cost a lot of money.”

During the Public Portion, two Residents who live at 145 Stockton St. were frustrated by a neighboring property on their block where there have been many problems that have not been addressed. “The grass has not been mowed. The owners at that property have been taken to court.”

Business Administrator Camille Tooker addressed the Residents’ concerns, “Every time you’ve called about a problem, the City has taken action. On the last court date, you left before it ended.”

The Residents told B.A. Tooker, “This is not true. We were told we didn’t have to stay until the end because the results of what took place (that day) would be emailed to us. I thought there would be more open communication (between us and the Code Enforcement Department.)”

Tooker told the Residents, “The next court date (to address the problem at the Stockton Street property in question) will be May 11.”

She suggested to the two Residents who have filed complaints to: “Copy all communications that you sent to Jay Elliot (Director of Code Enforcement) to me and to Councilman Tom Reilly. Our biggest issue is getting that house to where it should be. I don’t think it’s Jay Elliot’s fault.”

The two Residents responded, “We know it’s in the court’s control. We just want monthly updates and to clear the air.”

Tooker answered, “I will reach out to Jay Elliot to give you updates (about what’s going on pertaining to the property in question).”

Councilman Thomas Reilly then spoke up and suggested, “We may need another full time Code Enforcement Officer.”

Mayor Henry responded to that request, “This problem is more of a court problem.”

Reilly responded and said, “It still isn’t fair to the Residents.”

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