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EDITORIAL: Revisiting Mother Nature

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What is more potent than the atomic bomb? The answer: mother nature. She has frontal attacks from the sky, the sea and the ground. She has the ability to wipe out whole towns in a matter of a few hours and can even do it in the middle of the night when no one expects it to happen.

You don’t have to take my word for it. The proof is in the pudding. Research how earthquakes, tsunamis, rain, volcanic eruptions, superstorms, and waves have wiped out complete communities – human lives. Many times, when you do have warnings, there’s nothing you can do to stop mother nature from destroying your property, but you were thankful if you were able to escape unharmed.

Some newer buildings have been modernized with reenforced structures, but when mother nature wants to take that property, nothing is going to stop her.

With all of the turmoil and conflicts going on around the world, it’s almost as if people are taking on the characteristics of a destructive storm. Look at Hurricane Harvey and the havoc mother nature is wreaking on some parts of Texas.

If you measured the inches of rain that they’ve had so far in snowfall it would be 55 feet of snow!

Will mother nature one day get so upset with all this hatred going on and all this conflict that she will decide to open up the earth to shake people up? People will have no choice but to start holding on to each other, no matter who they are or who they were fighting against for survival. People will be saying: “Hold on! Hold on!” That’s just a natural reaction.

I love people who create a certain situation to see how people will react. There was a brilliant social experiment ad that I saw on YouTube by the Pedigree Company. The premise was there was a rally being held with Trump and Clinton supporters. All of a sudden someone started yelling out, “I found a lost dog! I found a lost dog! Please! Please! Someone I need some help to find its owner!”

The Trump and Clinton supporters united in an effort to find that dog’s owner. The final statement in that ad was: “This election has brought out the worst in us. “We sought to remind people what brings out the good.” I have one word for that ad: BRILLIANT!

Unfortunately, the only time we seem to be united is during a natural disaster. Remember back when you could go to a concert, play, or sporting event and actually see what you pay for without having a political speech or action jammed down your throat? I like to go to those events to escape politics. If you cannot deliver what I paid to see, then I want a refund on my ticket.

We declare that the month of December to be: “UNITY MONTH.” You have three months to get rid of all of your frustrations and demons.

On 8/28/17 in the a.m. I was listening to the radio when the host told the guest he was speaking to about the 5 people lost so far during Hurricane Harvey. The guest said, that during the same time frame they had lost about the same amount of people during Katrina. It wasn’t until after Hurricane Katrina was over that they discovered the many additional lives that were lost.

Please remember those in Texas of whom they estimate 6 million people will be affected by the loss of their homes. C.M.

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