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Memorial Scholarship Concert for Perth Amboy’s Own Richard Johnson

Press Release

Richard Johnson

PERTH AMBOY –  The inaugural Richard Johnson Memorial Scholarship Concert, featuring former students and staff members, will be held at 7 p.m. Oct. 13 at Cathedral International, 277 Madison Ave., Perth Amboy. Johnson, 69, a beloved Perth Amboy High School music teacher before retiring after 39 years of service, died June 8, 2017. He had served as president of the Perth Amboy American Federation of Teachers and was awarded Teacher of the Year honors. He was known for directing the National Renown Award Winning Perth Amboy High School Choir for many years. They even performed at Carnegie Hall in New York. Yearly, Mr. Johnson and students traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC for award winning performances.

Teaching music was his life and his motto was “once you believe, you can achieve”!

He served as a “father figure” to many students. He joined theHistoric Second Baptist Church and after Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr. became pastor, Mr. Johnson became a vital part of the music ministry. He served faithfully with other music directors. The church, now known as Cathedral International, has grown immensely in membership and ministry. Johnson served as the director of The Cathedral International Choir, the Gospel Chorus and the Youth Choir. He was also ordained as a deacon by Bishop Hilliard along with his wife, Geri.

All contributions will go toward the Deacon Richard Johnson Scholarship for Perth Amboy High School or Cathedral International students majoring in music.

The concert is free to attend and everyone is invited.

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