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Please, History Don’t Repeat Yourself, Please!

“I’m praying but is anybody listening”

October 10th is coming.

October 10th is coming

As a matter of fact, by the time you read this. It will be already here. So, I’m doing a lot of praying. Why you ask? Am I praying so much. Because I know history.

I pray every day but the closer October 10th comes the more frequently I pray. Thanks for getting me get closer to God. Kim Jong-Un. I pray that North Korea won’t celebrate this Independence Day with a nuclear fireworks show.  October 10th in North Korea is like our 4th of July in America.

I also pray that if anything happens on October 10th that the lyrics from a famous song are true

“Heaven holds a spot for those that pray”

But I also pray that I don’t need that spot for many years to come.

God Bless America!

Kevin M. Seman – T.A.D.

NJ Property Taxes

Why does New Jersey have the highest property taxes? I suggest it is the result of the highest population density. The largest cities have the highest property taxes because high population density increases land and property values, and the need for increased services leads to higher property taxes. Comparing states is misleading since it involves an average. The comparison should be of cities of equal population and area.

Some claim “consolidation” will reduce taxes, but they provide no facts to prove their claim as a general solution. If a municipality has excess capacity in some area they can reduce it. Sharing services implies a reduction in capacity somewhere. Consolidation will create a larger municipality and a likely increase in taxes. It also reduces the value of an individual’s vote. Would anyone suggest consolidating with Pennsylvania to eliminate the costs of NJ state government?

One solution for NJ is to share the state income and sales taxes with each municipality and county. Let each get the first 1% of their resident’s income and sales tax. This solution will require a new political movement to oppose the current system.

Ronald A. Sobieraj

Las Vegas

Every time there is a tragedy, like the one that just happened in Las Vegas, we try to wrap our heads around the incident. We try to make sense of the senseless. We look for a reason. Why would some sick individual take the lives of innocent people whom he didn’t even know? People on both sides look for a way to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. Everyone seems to agree that something has to be done, but what?

What drove this individual to commit such a horrible act? Some say mental illness. Well, there are so many types of “mental illness” and even more opinions on what constitutes mental illness, that’s going to be tough to figure out. Was he crazy? Who knows? If he had lived and was brought to trial, an insanity defense at his trial would probably not be on the table.

The left is going to whine about gun control. Well, it’s already illegal to commit murder and that didn’t seem to deter him. He seemed to be a determined individual. If he couldn’t buy a gun he probably would have just rented a truck. What would the left whine about then? Truck control?

We should take care of the wounded, bury the dead, and console the families of the victims. Then have a complete and thorough investigation before conclusions are drawn.

Joe Bayona

Let ’em Kneel in the Parking Lot

It seems that “taking a knee” during the playing of the National Anthem has spread to High School sports. It was reported that four Monroe High School football players took a knee at a recent Thursday night game.

When I was in school, if you misbehaved or did something wrong, you had to stand in the corner. I guess these players have their “rights,” but nobody says that they have to join the team at the sidelines. Let ‘em kneel, but since we don’t have a regular corner on the football field, let them kneel away from the rest of the team.

Maybe the parking lot is a good place for them to kneel. Plenty of space for them to spread out.

Mary Vargo

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